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What is a secured loan?

A secured loan is a loan that is secured against your property and is perfect for consolidating debt or those bigger purchases like an extension or car. Having a loan secured against your property means you can borrow more and pay lower rates.

  • Lower rates
  • Quick eligibility check
  • Borrow from £20k to £500k+
  • Fast and easy process
  • Good or bad credit history
  • Loans for any purchase
  • Consolidate debt
  • Business Purposes
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How can I use a secured loan?

A secured loan can be used for whatever you like. The only difference is that a homeowner loan is secured against your property, which means you can borrow more at a lower rate. A secured loan is ideal for larger-scale projects such as home improvements and renovations, debt consolidation, and more.

  • Debt consolidation
  • Home improvements
  • Buying additional properties
  • Purchasing a freehold property
  • Early release from a mortgage
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Understanding Homeowner Loans

Welcome to our FAQs page, where we answer questions we get asked the most about homeowner loans.

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  • Why do I need a homeowner loan? 

    Often, a secured loan is used to fund a large purchase, such as a home improvement project. As the loan is secured against an asset, usually your property, you can be eligible to borrow larger sums of money through a secured loan. A secured loan is often used for things like; Debt consolidation, Home improvements, Buying additional properties or purchasing the freehold on a property

  • Am I eligible for a secured loan?

    To be eligible for a secured loan, you'll usually need to be a homeowner. This is because the lender will require something of value to secure your loan against. Simply owning a property doesn't automatically make you eligible for a secured loan. Lenders will also look at your affordability.

  • What are the risks?

    Before you commit to taking out a secured loan, you need to think carefully and be sure you can afford it. This is because your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured against it. Ensure you make an informed choice and take some time to consider your options.

  • How do you decide my interest rate?

    The rate you're offered may be influenced by a number of factors, including such as what you're using the loan for, how much you need to borrow (both in total, and as a percentage of your property's value) and whether you choose a variable or fixed-rate loan (although we may not offer you a choice). Your credit history (but not your credit score) also play a part in determining your interest rate.

  • What makes secured loans attractive?

    People with poor credit scores are considered for homeowner loans providing they can offer security in the form of equity in their property. Borrowers can access larger sums of money with a homeowner loan than with an unsecured loan. Interest rates can also be reasonably lower when compared with unsecured personal loans.

  • Do I need a good credit score?

    For the very best interest rates, a great credit history would be helpful, but even with bad credit history, you can still get a competitive and affordable bad credit homeowner loan with Pegasus Finance. We work with lenders who view homeowners favourably, especially if you are prepared to secure the loan on your property. We also understand that not everyone's finances run smoothly and as long as you can show the new loan is affordable, there is a good chance we can still help you.

  • How do I apply for a homeowner loan?

    Simply complete our online application form and one of our advisors will get back to you. Alternatively, should you wish to discuss things first you can call us free of charge on: Next, an experienced loan advisor will assess your application and your personal requirements before presenting your case to the lender who they feel is most likely to help you and offer the best homeowner loan option available, all at no cost to you. Once we have the best offer fully approved, your advisor will contact you to explain the offer in detail and to guide you through to the point of payout should you be happy.

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